Emergency Closures


Closing Information

The Tulane Child Development Centers will close for emergencies (impending weather or other) when the University closes.  It will be at the discretion of the directors of Kidopolis Child Development Center and Newcomb Children's Center if the centers will close prior to a University announcement, in which case parents will be notified by the center staff.  If Tulane University decides to close prior to opening hours, families will be notified by the broadcasts on the local television station.

Closing and opening information about Kidopolis will also be available on Bright Horizons' website,

Information about emergency closures for Tulane can be accessed at:   You can also call the Tulane emergency numbers, 504-862-8080, or 1-800-862-8080 form information about university closures.

If Newcomb Children's Center must close during operating hours, our office staff will notify families by telephone and email if possible.  If inclement weather is expected, please be sure to keep your cell phone or pager in close proximity so that our staff is able to reach you in a timely manner.  If you do not work close to your child's center, please be sure you have an authorized pick up person who will be able to pick your child up in a timely manner.

We have regular evacuation drills at both centers and the children have been taught to follow the teacher's directions.  We will assemble and count everyone, and begin the process of contacting each family member.  Our staff will comfort the children, explain the situation and model for them how to remain calm.  It is important to plan ahead and we urge each family to develop a disaster plan that meets the needs of their family.


Reopening Information

Once Tulane University has issued an all clear that the centers may reopen, a message will be posted on the centers' telephones.  You may also obtain reopening information from the Tulane Emergency web page, and phone numbers, 504-862-8080 or 1-800-862-8080.

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000