Checking In


Kidopolis Child Development Center:

When your child enrolls, you will receive an access code for the computer located in the front entrance. As you enter our facility each day, you will need to log your child in and out on the computer using your individualized code. Each person that you have authorized to pick up your child will have a different code assigned to them.  Please be diligent about using these check-in codes, and remember to keep the codes confidential.

In addition to the front entrance check in, please remember to sign your child in on the clipboard located at your child's classroom.


Newcomb Children's Center:

When dropping off children, please remember to sign your full name on the clipboard for the proper class. The clipboards hang in your child's classroom. Please remember to indicate the time you arrived.

It's important to make time to accompany your child to the classroom, and ensure that a staff member is aware that you are dropping off your child. Either in the morning or the afternoon, you should check your child's cubby or mail pouch for important communications.




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