In preparing Newcomb Children's Center's curriculum, staff consider the following professional standards:

  • Standards required for the licensing of day nurseries/day care centers published by the State of Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.
  • To provide children with a quality program, the staff should provide a variety of developmentally appropriate activities and materials that are selected to emphasize concrete experiential learning and to achieve the following goals:
    • Promoting confidence and self-esteem
    • Refining social skills
    • Stimulating children to think, reason, question and experiment
    • Furthering language development
    • Practicing physical skills like running, jumping, and balancing
    • Increasing small muscle competence by using beads, blocks, puzzles, and buttons
    • Fostering exploration of sensory materials and creative expression
    • Helping children learn patience and restraint
    • Encouraging and demonstrating sound health, safety and nutritional practices.



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