Constitution of the Undergraduate Faculty of Newcomb-Tulane College

Committee on Academic Requirements

The committee is charged with maintaining academic standards as established by the faculty and shall concern itself with the administration of the academic progress of the students in the college. The committee shall consider petitions for the waiver of any academic policies of the Newcomb-Tulane College other than those pertaining majors or grievances. The committee shall propose new policies or the revision and/or deletion of existing policies to the faculty.

Committee on Honors

The committee shall make recommendations regarding standards and policies with respect to honors curricula, degrees with honors, honors theses, and awards.

Committee on Study Abroad

Duties: The Committee shall establish the policies and procedures relating to study abroad. The members of this committee receive and process applications from students who wish to enroll in study abroad programs, interview and applicants, and select students, and review programs for addition or deletion from Tulane’s offerings abroad.

Curriculum Committee


a. To make recommendations concerning the core curriculum, including recommendations to the faculty of courses for addition to or deletion from the core curriculum
b. To hear student petitions pertaining to the core curriculum

Executive Committee

a. To serve as an advisory committee to the dean on any matter of administration
b. To receive and act on routine reports of ordinary standing and special committees
c. To act for the faculty at the direction of the faculty;
d. In addition to its annual report, the committee shall issue special reports when appropriate

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