The Gordon Summer Fellowship at Newcomb-Tulane College

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The Gordon Summer Fellowship offers grants to one male and one female Newcomb-Tulane College student for innovative summer projects designed for intellectual and personal growth. The grant is offered on a competitive basis each spring, and students awarded the grant money will use it during the following summer. Preference will be given to those students whose plans have substantial intellectual and/or academic merit, whose goals are clearly defined, and whose budgets are sound. The amount of each grant is $4,000.

Grants may be used by students for many different purposes, including but not limited to travel for research, support for field work, empirical data gathering, or even learning more about a new culture by performing community service in a community new to them. Grants may NOT be used to participate in organized study abroad programs or other existing programs; they are intended for student-initiated projects only.

Grants may not support any credit-bearing internships or credit-bearing activities. The grant must be used solely for independent work or study that is not required as part of a course of instruction.

Gordon recipients will be asked, upon their return, to share the results of their activities with students, faculty, and staff members of the college and university, perhaps in a panel discussion, a seminar format, an exhibition, a publication, or in some other creative way.

Proposed projects should:
• Provide character development and/or life-altering, resume-building experiences
• Engage students in the pursuit of creative thinking
• Engage students in a culture/cultures with which they are not familiar
• Be innovative, bold, and involve experiential learning

Eligible applicants must:
• Be at least eighteen years old by the end of the spring semester immediately prior to the summer project
• Demonstrate an intention to return to and graduate from Newcomb-Tulane College (not to transfer to another university)
• Be a Newcomb-Tulane College sophomore or junior in good standing
• Have a minimum grade point average of 2.0
• Have no record of social or academic discipline
• Provide a letter of support from a Tulane faculty member
Project vision and strength of character will be given primary consideration in grant selection; academic credentials will not be the sole determining factor.

Submit your application by 5:00 p.m. on the 15th of the month to receive a decision by the 30th of that month. Applications for the Gordon Summer Fellowship grant are accepted in February, March, and April.

The application package must contain the application form, a proposal, and a letter of support from a Tulane faculty member.
The proposal — not to exceed three pages — must discuss in detail:
• project description — the goal of the project, how the goal will be met, the location and scope of the project, defined duties and objectives, and the anticipated outcome. Include your travel start and end dates.
• significance of the project — what the project means to you personally and educationally; how it will help to identify, define, or impact your personal and/or professional goals
• description of how you plan to share the results with students, faculty, and staff members of the college and university
• particular qualifications you possess that are applicable to the project
• itemized budget including rationale and all costs, e.g., travel, lodging, supplies. A budget worksheet template is provided in the online application.
The budget must be realistic and concrete, including the cost of living away from home, if applicable. It should also include the names and addresses of any contacts/connections you have made with hosts/sponsors in your destination, not merely an estimate of possible costs. Those proposals with the most realistic budgets will be looked upon most favorably.
In applying for this grant, it is with the understanding that the selection committee will have access to your academic and disciplinary record, and that your name and proposal might be shared with the donors who established the Gordon Fellowship.

• A student may receive only one Gordon Fellowship during his/her years at Newcomb-Tulane College
• Students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) must read and sign all required release and waiver forms before the grant will be awarded
• This grant may be deemed to be taxable income to the recipient. Each recipient should read IRS publication 970 for more information and report any income as instructed therein.

International Travel Information
Newcomb-Tulane College and Tulane University strongly encourage students to gain some international experience during their undergraduate years. However, we must balance our support with concern about the safety of such travel. While all international travel carries a certain level of risk, in many cases very low, Tulane University has made the decision to withhold sponsorship of undergraduate activities in countries identified as potentially very dangerous. We use the Travel Advisories of the U.S. Department of State as a guide to determining where Tulane University will not sponsor undergraduate activities. For detailed information, see the “Tulane Policy on Undergraduate Travel Abroad” at

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