The David Cameron Taylor Memorial
Summer Travel and Enrichment Program

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The David Cameron Taylor Memorial Summer Travel and Enrichment Program was established in 1998 by J. Edward Taylor '42, M.D., and his wife in memory of their son David Cameron. The program makes grants available to male Newcomb-Tulane College students for summer travel and research or unusual and enriching intellectual experiences. Male students who have earned 25 or more credits and are in good standing by the completion of the spring term and are not yet seniors are  eligible to apply. Grants will be awarded on the basis of the candidates' academic performance, the quality of their applications, and the merits of their proposed travel and/or research.

Student proposals of two types will be considered. Grants will be awarded to students engaged in interesting and worthwhile research that requires that they travel, either to consult materials that they would not otherwise have been able to consult and that are critical to the completion of the research, or to confer with specialists in the discipline. Alternatively, the grant can be used to encourage students' creativity and intellectual development through the exploration of particular talents or areas of interest during the summer of the sophomore or junior year. Successful candidates will be selected less on the basis of past achievement than the potential for a transforming, enriching experience.

Grants may not be used to participate in organized study abroad programs or other existing programs; they are intended for student-initiated projects only. Grants will be awarded on the basis of a competitive application process, and successful applicants will have made the most compelling case for the grant. The grant award for domestic travel is $1,000; for international travel it is $1,500. Recipients will be required to submit a report on their experience during the subsequent academic year.

If you would like to be considered for a Summer Travel and Enrichment grant, please complete the application and submit it and the required supplementary materials to the Office of Cocurricular Programs in Hebert Hall, room 104.Submit your application by 5:00 p.m. on the 15th of the month to receive a decision by the 30th of that month. Applications for the Taylor Grant are accepted in February, March, and April.

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