The TIDES Program (Tulane InterDisciplinary Experience Seminars) is Tulane University's distinctive seminar program for all first year students at Tulane. TIDES are designed to provide quality interactions with some of our finest faculty, active learning, intellectual challenges, social co-curricular activities and the opportunity to meet fellow students with similar interests. Your TIDES experience will involve learning by interaction and be driven by intellectual curiosity and the desire to explore new opportunities. With over 80 topics, you are sure to find a TIDES class that appeals to you.

Participating in a TIDES class will help you find your special place within the Tulane community. Through the guest speakers and activities associated with your class, you may meet additional faculty and staff from across the University as well as New Orleans community members who can offer a local, real-world perspective on your TIDES topic. As you meet interesting people, learn about helpful University resources and participate in a variety of activities, you will be exposed to many things that will enrich your first semester at the University and in the city of New Orleans.

Mission & Goals of TIDES

The mission of the Tulane InterDisciplinary Experience Seminars (TIDES) Program is to offer incoming freshmen a valuable opportunity to get to know some of our most distinguished faculty and their fellow students both as scholars and friends while exploring an academic topic with an interdisciplinary approach. TIDES faculty are drawn from all of the different divisions and schools from within the university, and the TIDES topics focus on issues of social and academic relevance.

Each TIDES course includes a series of seminars whose aim is to foster intellectual discussions in small groups of around 15 students. In addition there are recommended classes, invited speakers, special programs, films, field trips, social events, and electronic bulletin boards, that all tie in with the TIDES topic. Participation in these group activities help students get to know their professor and classmates through more casual and social interaction. Exposure to campus resources and assets in the community helps new students learn more about their new home at Tulane University and in New Orleans.

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