Proposing A TIDES Course

New TIDES Proposals are accepted from December 1ST through the last Friday in February. Proposals are screened by a committee of TIDES Staff and TIDES Instructors before moving on to the Newcomb-Tulane Core Curriculum Committee. New TIDES classes are announced by the beginning of May.

New TIDES classes run only during the Fall Semester!

Please remember to include with your proposal:

  • Your most recent copy of your CV or resume
  • A copy of your diploma from your highest degree-granting institution or original transcripts
  • Departmental Approval Form

Please make sure that your proposal contains all of the elements outlined in the TIDES Proposal Guidelines or it will not be accepted.

TIDES Proposal Letter

TIDES Proposal Guidelines

TIDES Objectives & Outcome Examples

Departmental Approval

TIDES Program Policies for Proposals

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