New Students Have Their Pick of TIDES

“My instructor was so passionate about his subject that it made learning the course material easy and fun. He also made an effort to get to know each of us on a personal level.”

“Very fun, very interesting, great trips, awesome lectures – professors were very enthusiastic about subject matter!”

“I think that every Tulane student should take this course—it would make every student come out of this school not only being educated, but really feeling like they lived in New Orleans and feel like it is a part of them as well.”
- The Music & Culture of New Orleans

“Gained a better understanding of material and got to meet some of my peers I would not have otherwise encountered.”
- New Orleans Spirituality

“The teacher obviously had a very good understanding of the material and did his best to impart some of his knowledge on us. He also tried to make the material interesting and get us to look into the material on our own time.”
- Society & Neuroscience

“The strongest aspect of this course was that the class grew to be good friends through the off-campus activities that were held. The only criticism of this class that I have was that it only met once a week—I would have actually preferred to have met a little more often.”
- Exploring Literary New Orleans

“The guest speakers brought the facts of the course into a more realistic perspective.”
- Mardi Gras: Mystery, Mayhem & Myth

“The course was extremely interesting and taught with a lot of enthusiasm. The professor was extremely friendly and open to any opinions. There was a lot of good discussion in the class. The activities both in and out of class were great! Overall, this was probably my favorite class this semester.”
- The Blues

“This has been a very good experience and I have figured out a lot of things about the subject matter that I never knew before. The instructor was very real with us and explained things the way they were.”
- Sex, Drugs, Rock N’ Roll and Disease

“We heard very interesting artists speak and we were taken to the galleries and museums downtown! “
- Visual Arts of New Orleans

“Organized, knowledgeable professor. Very interesting and intriguing course material. Helped me make my decision to take Neuroscience as a major.”
- 1st Steps to Neuroscience

“The instructor has a real passion for the material and seems genuinely happy to be teaching us. The course material was very interesting and presented very well.”
- Detecting Crime

“This was my favorite course that I took this semester. The subject matter was interesting, the setting was casual and relaxed, and the instructor was extremely kind, dynamic and interesting. Anyone would be lucky to participate in a course like this.”
- College Women: Images in Film & Historical Realities

“Each of the trips were interesting and fun to go on. I loved the History and Chemistry of Food! This TIDES was exactly what I was expecting from Tulane’s description of what a TIDES should offer.”
- The History & Chemistry of Food

“The course gave me a better understanding of education and the great things that New Orleans offers to help the school systems down here. The professors were very nice and easily approachable if needed.”
- Making a Difference with Children & Adolescents

“I learned a lot about the media that I did not know before. I learned how to put together a movie and how professionals put movies together as well. I also learned a lot about the culture of New Orleans. The food was also really enjoyable!”
- Media Cultures of New Orleans

“Lots of cool field trips that really informed me about the city and made me feel more at home with the area.”
- Five Historic New Orleans Sites: Their Architecture & Music

"All of the information was extremely interesting, and the discussion in the course was excellent. Also, the trips we took to the various labs were interesting as well as helpful.”
- Nobel Laureates & the Behavioral Sciences

“Interesting subject matter, awesome gust speakers! The professor was amazing and really put forth a lot of effort to make us want to come to class each week, and definitely succeeded in doing just that! I wish I could take another course like this.”
- Introduction to Clinical Medicine, Ethics in Medicine & Current Issues in Medicine (Locally and Globally)

“[The instructor] made all of us feel very comfortable, and she really focused on helping us get acclimated to the school and to New Orleans itself. The authors/subject matter was all very interesting, and I really enjoyed the free form class structure. Discussions were great, reading material was great. It was an extremely enjoyable class, and it allowed me to become more involved on campus.”
- Reading & Writing Women: Zale Writer-In-Residence Program

“Very interactive and a great way to meet and participate with classmates. Very interesting and fun class. Would highly recommend to all freshmen.”
- World Dance

“Her respect for her students and her understanding of any outside issues they may experience in their first semesters away from home.”
- The Science and Socioeconomics in Drug Developments

“I loved the discussion topics and the way they were presented. After each student presentation, there were always really good debates and discussion between classmates.”
- Current Controversies in Contemporary Medicine

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