General Information About the Compliance Program


We are pleased to welcome you to the University compliance website.  By making the information contained on this website available to all faculty, staff, students and others, Tulane University affirms its commitment to the ethical conduct of all persons affiliated with this institution by adhering to all applicable policies, procedures, laws and regulations.

Tulane University has established an institutional compliance program, in response to continuing scrutiny from government regulators and in an increasingly complex statutory and regulatory environment.  Compliance is a shared responsibility and requires a commitment from all Tulane faculty, staff and other employees to the highest educational, business and ethical standards.

The ultimate goal of Tulane’s compliance program is to help Tulane’s faculty, staff and other employees perform their job duties and responsibilities to the best of their ability.  We hope you find the information contained in this website to be educational and helpful. 

We welcome your feedback and we are available to help you or address your compliance concerns.  We have established a Confidential Compliance Hotline 1-855-5GOWAVE (1-855-546-9283) so you can call to raise any concerns you may have.

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8698