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Encrypted e-mail with Tulane Medical School

Tulane Medical Center and Tulane University are pleased to announce that we have worked out technical  details, and now both parties are able to send protected patient data in emails between the two entities, without using the previously stated encryption procedures.

Rest assured that your e-mail is encrypted/protected, but only between and e-mail addresses.  Messages containing protected health information, sent to any other external e-mail addresses must continue to be encrypted by the user. 

Chairman - Clinical Compliance Operations Committee

G. Nicholas Verne, MD
University Privacy Officer
Rusten A. May, JD, MBA
Phone: 504.988-7739

Information Security Officer
Noel T. Wong
Phone: 504.988.8566

Research Compliance Officer
Brian Weimer
Phone: 504.988.1147

Deputy Research Compliance Officer
Lisa E. Wurtzel, JD
Phone: 504.988.1147

Global Affairs & Regulatory Compliance Administrator
Wade Wootan, JD
Phone: 504.988.0598


It is TUMG’s policy to provide services and conduct its operations in compliance with all state and federal laws and consistent with the highest standards of business and professional ethics and to carry out our activities with honesty, integrity, and diligence.

Compliance Help Line

1-855-5GOWAVE (1-855-546-9283)


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