Uptown Campus

6823 St. Charles Avenue
300 Gibson Hall
New Orleans, LA  70118

Victoria D. Johnson

General Counsel; 504.865.5783


Meredith A. Whitten

Deputy General Counsel; 504.865.5783


David B. Epstein

Associate General Counsel; 504.865.5783


Howard T. Boyd III

Associate General Counsel; 504.865.5783


Stacey Michel

Law Fellow; 504.314.7684


Reinhard Breckner

Sr. Business and Contracts Administrator; 504.314.7683


Kathy L'Hoste

Sr. Executive Aide to the General Counsel/Operations Mgr.; 504.314.2617


Genean Mathieu

Administrative Compliance Specialist; 504.247.1286


Susan Landaiche

Administrative Legal Specialist/Notary Public; 504.314.7689


Tammy Roberts

Administrative Legal Assistant; 504.314.7682


Kelly Pettigrew

Operations Assistant; 504.247.1288

 Health Sciences Center

 1440 Canal Street
 Suite 2417, Mail Code 8433
 New Orleans, LA  70112

 Patricia Bethancourt

 Associate General Counsel; 504.988.5031

 Sarah Gorham Hunter

 Associate General Counsel; 504.988.5031

 Christina Samuels

 Associate General Counsel; 504.988.5031

 Kristen Schorp

 Associate General Counsel; 504.988.5031 

 Sherry Noonan

 Administrative Legal Assistant/Notary Public; 504.988.6745

 Kathryn Jackson-Conyers

 Administrative Legal Assistant; 504.988.7516

 Ligia Alvarez

 Compliance Coordinator

300 Gibson Hall, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5783