Hydrology & Hydraulic Restoration Mitigation Study

Interested parties are hereby notified that Tulane University has applied for FEMA-Public Assistance grant funding being administered in response to FEMA-1603-DR-LA, Hurricane Katrina, signed as a Presidential Disaster Declaration on August 29, 2005. Tulane applied for eligible FEMA hazard mitigation grant funding to undertake dry-flood proofing to a total of twenty-two (22) buildings located at the Tulane St. Charles/Uptown Campus. In compliance with Executive Order 11988, FEMA required Tulane to complete a Hydrology & Hydraulic Study of the impacts of the proposed action.

The study included a watershed drainage analysis to determine the impact of the surrounding community upon completion of the dry-flood proofing project. The study focused on the potential one (1) percent chance, or 100-year, storm flood event within the watershed and the flood water levels that may be encountered with a project constructed. It was concluded that the proposed project would present negligible impacts to the surrounding community for the 100-year storm event.

PDF Tulane H&H Mitigation Report with Appendices

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