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Community Partner Awards

It is important for the Center to ensure that our partners receive the necessary praise and credit they deserve. With that said, we are always looking for new ways to honor our community partners. Nominating partners for awards is one of the best ways we're able to do that. Below is a list of community partners that have won awards over the years.


Awards Received by Tulane’s Center for Public Service Community Partners


Neighborhoods Partnership Network Trumpet Awards:

The Trumpet Awards annually honors individuals, elected officials, businesses and groups who share our vision in "making every New Orleans neighborhood a great place to live."     

Awards will be presented in the following categories:  

  • Good Neighbor to Neighborhoods Award recognizes the neighborhood group that best supports others by sharing their knowledge, serving as a valuable resource for other neighborhood organizers.
  • Neighborhood Phoenix Award recognizes the neighborhood that has had the greatest transformation in the past year, rising from the ashes to renew itself. 
  • Best Neighborhood Councilperson is awarded to the council member who is involved and responsive to community groups in his or her district.
  • Best Education Advocate honors an individual or group who exemplifies what it means to advocate for children in our public schools.
  • Best City-Neighborhood Partnership celebrates an excellent partnering between the City of New Orleans and a neighborhood that allows the neighborhood and the city to grown and prosper together.
  • Best Recovery Resource identifies the group who has the information, tools and/or volunteers residents need when you need them, and are key to the recovery of our community. 
  • Best Community Beautification Project recognizes the best program wherein a group comes together to bring more beauty to a community.  
  • Best Business Neighborhood Project recognizes the best partnership between a local business and neighborhood association. 
  • Most Outstanding Youth Group is the youth group who works to reform the public school system and advocate for themselves. 
  • Best Faith-Based Community Initiative honors a church, synagogue, mosque, or other religious or faith-based organization that offers opportunities for connection and leads its neighborhood in the recovery process. 
  • Model Citizen Award is for an individual who works so hard and so tirelessly that he or she becomes an example of what is possible for our community. 

Previous winners include:

  • New Orleans Faith and Health Alliance, Best Faith-Based Community Initiative 2011
  • Youth Rebuilding New Orleans, Best Recovery Resource, 2012
  • Kids Rethink New Orleans, Most Outstanding Youth Group, 2012


Gulf-South Summit Award for Outstanding Community Partner Contributions to Service-Learning

The Gulf-South Summit Award for Outstanding Community Partner Contributions to Service-Learning will be given to a community organization whose members have demonstrated excellence in creating and sustaining opportunities for engaging college/university students in service-learning. Community partners should have collaborated with a service-learning program for more than one year in order to be nominated. The Outstanding Community Partner Contributions to Service-Learning Award recipient will receive a plaque in recognition of his/her accomplishments in addition to $500.

Previous winners include:

  • St. Margaret’s, Manda Mountain, 2009
  • House of Dance and Feathers, Ronald W. Lewis, 2007
  • Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans, Hispanic Apostolate English as a Second Language Program, Sr. Robin Richard, 2002


2009 Chase Community Development Competition

Chase and Enterprise are excited to announce the extension of the 2009 Chase Community Development Competition in New Orleans. In order to give colleges and universities across the country a greater opportunity to participate in this innovative competition, the new deadline for submissions has been extended to the 2009 fall semester. Any project completed during the 2009 academic school year will be eligible to compete.

Previous winners include:

  • Third Place: Pontilly Senior Village: High Community Returns for an Elder Residential Development
    Submitted by: Tulane University, A.B Freeman School of Business, School of Architecture
    Sponsored by: Pontilly Disaster Collaborative


Other Awards Available to Community Partners

Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter Partnership Foundation (JRCPF)

Campus Community Partnership Award: This award recognizes the best practice of a campus community partnership program in which there is a shared decision making and academic integration of service. Winners receive a Partnership Trophy and Certificate of Excellence in Academic Service Learning from the foundation.

Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Annual Award

The Community-Campus Partnerships for Health Award recognizes exemplary partnerships between communities and higher educational institutions that build on each other's strengths to improve higher education, civic engagement, and the overall health of communities. The intent of the award is to highlight the power and potential of community-campus partnerships as a strategy for social justice. The award recognizes partnerships that are striving to achieve the systems and policy changes needed to overcome the root causes of health, social and economic inequalities.

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