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 Forms and Documents

Forms and documents

The Public Service Internship Program provides three tools to aid in the management of interns: a Memorandum of Understanding, timesheets and supervisor evaluations.

Memorandum of Understanding

Agencies and students are asked to agree to and sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) before the internship experience begins. The MOU makes sure the supervisor and intern are in agreement regarding the job description, learning objectives, strategies to achieve these goals, and Internship Contribution from student interns. Interns are asked to agree to uphold common workplace practices and habits, such as being punctual, wearing appropriate attire, and asking for help when in doubt. Supervisors are asked to agree to complete a full site orientation and discuss any safety risks associated with the internship position. The MOU should be filled out, reviewed, and signed by both the student and the Internship Supervisor. One (1) copy should be submitted to the Internship Coordinator at Center for Public Service before the start of the semester. Copies of this agreement should also be kept by the intern and the supervisor.


Internship Information Sheet (IIS)

Each intern MUST turn in the Internship Information Sheet (IIS) to the Internship Team at CPS by a set deadline, usually 2 to 3 weeks before classes begin. Interns are asked to fill out this form with the assistance of their Site Supervisor and to provide as many details as possible regarding the following:

  • student, community partner, and Site Supervisor’s contact information;
  • weekly service schedule;
  • travel plan;
  • detailed job description
  • level of supervision in the community and with clients
  • unique risks, if any, associated with the students job and role as an intern, and how risks would be mitigated;
  • how the internship benefits the public
  • how the internship supports the student's major or minor

At the beginning of each semester, the Partnership Committee, which consists of Tulane faculty and staff, carefully reviews all IIS forms and must approve service activities for each intern.

Students will receive access to complete the IIS online. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD A HARD COPY OF THE IIS


Supervisors and interns should decide together on work schedules and weekly hourly requirements, so long as the minimum program threshold of 60 – 70 hours during the semester is met (100 hours for Communication students). Agencies that keep track of interns’ schedules and time sheets find it easier to plan for projects and are more ready to give interns work to complete.

Time sheets will be requested at the mid-point and end of the internship. The supervising organization may have its own mechanism for recording an intern’s hours served or may use the attached template. Please submit a signed copy of the time sheet upon request by the student.


Final Supervisor’s Evaluation

Supervisors are asked to submit an evaluation of the intern’s performance at the end of the semester/internship. These evaluations are factored into the student’s grades and offer opportunities to help him or her grow academically and professionally. Positive feedback and constructive criticism should be shared with the student to aid in his or her learning processes. More importantly for your agency, filling out an evaluation for your intern allows you to reflect upon the goals you originally had in mind when you first created the internship position and whether your intern is meeting the needs of your organization. You can also take this opportunity to think of ways to expand future interns’ roles at your agency.

The Final Evaluation is worth 25-30% of the intern’s grade. It is very important that every effort is made for the internship supervisor to critically and honestly evaluate the student’s performance over the course of the internship and to award an appropriate grade.

You will receive a link via email from an internship coordinator to complete the supervisor evaluation online. For information on the questions contained in the supervisor evaluation, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE SUPERVISOR EVALUATION

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