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Support for Community Partners


CPS staff work to ensure quality and satisfactory community partnerships. If you are not satisfied with your relationship with Tulane through CPS, please let us know how we can assist to make necessary changes for an improved partnership. We will work with you to create a valuable experience for your agency and the Tulane community.


Please visit the Resources site HERE for a complete listing of activities/programs Tulane CPS offers to community partners.


Our office works to facilitate the following:

Contact with your Agency

A staff member from the Center for Public Service will be in contact with your agency throughout the semester, including a brief mid-semester and final assessment. The service learning staff will make visits to the site, answer questions about public service programming, offer suggestions and serve as a liaison between students, faculty and community partners as needed.

Community Partner Database

The Center for Public Service maintains an up-to-date campus-community partner database and publicizes our partners' needs throughout the Tulane community. CPS staff members are available to help partners update their profile bi-annually.

Faculty Contact

CPS staff members are available to facilitate initial contact between the faculty member and the community site representative and encourage maintained communication between the professor and the site.

Community Partner Workshops

CPS staff offer workshops on leadership and professional development throughout the year focused on issues and themes identified by community partners. Please check our website for upcoming workshops.

Center for Public Service Showcase / Culminating Outreach Events

CPS hosts bi-annual outreach events where partnering organizations may receive widespread visibility, disseminate information to the public and benefit from networking opportunities with other community and Tulane University members. This is an important occasion for all CPS participants as it builds community and furthers learning toward the mission of Tulane's Center for Public Service.

Community Partner Exit Interviews

CPS asks all Community Partners to complete a final evaluation in order to assess the quality and satisfaction of your partnership with faculty members, student service learners, Public Service interns and CPS staff. At this time, community partners are asked to review their Community Partner surveys in order to update information to be publicized for future partnership with Tulane.

Outstanding Public Service Award Nominations

Service Learning site supervisors can be awarded or nominate a student for an Outstanding Public Service Award. Nominations should be based on criteria including commitment, compassion, cooperativeness, leadership, initiative, professionalism, communication skills, an understanding of community needs and the ability to get the job done.

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