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TDC HistoryTulane entered into a year-long learning exchange with the Kettering Foundation in 2012. The purpose was to coalesce dialogue and deliberation activities, increase participation and introduce new tools and methods to expand and advance existing efforts on campus. As a result, the Dialogue Collaborative was formed involving Dr. Julianna Padgett, School of Social Work; Dr. Jimmy Huck, Stone Center for Latin American Studies, Dr. Michael Cunningham, Center for Learning and Teaching (CELT); Bart Reilly, Communication Department and Amanda Buberger, Center for Public Service. This effort contributed to the transformation taking place at Tulane from a culture that had been interpreted as private, to a more public learning exchange. The exchange came at a time when the City of New Orleans was embracing a number of innovative deliberation techniques while developing its plan for involving citizens in policy making, which is critical to the City’s survival.

Now, the Dialogue Collaborative helps Tulane fulfill its public commitment and gives faculty, students, partners and staff opportunities and skills to contribute to new modes of decision making of public policy, especially in regards to issues of diversity.

History 2012-2013

The Dialogue Collaborative helped design a survey tool, gained IRB approval for the human subject research, surveyed interest across the campus and among our partners, began inventorying existing work and assessing need, and created a National Issue Forum Guide with eight universities from across the country on the well-being of young children.


Created a National Issue Forum Guide with eight universities from across the country on the well-being of young children, titled: Right From the Start: What Should We Do to Help Our Youngest Children Thrive? Download the Issue Guide Right From the Start.pdf (681 K)Forum Guide

Eighteen Tulane undergraduate and graduate students, staff, AmeriCorps VISTA members, faculty and CPS community partners participated in a day-long moderator training provided by the Dialogue Collaborative.

Members of the Dialogue Collaborative facilitated a forum using the issue book.

Presenters from Tulane and two additional participating institutions of higher education that engaged in the year-long Kettering Exchange and a Kettering research fellow presented: Cultivating Dialogue and Deliberation within Institutions of Higher Education and their Surrounding Communities to thirty attendees at the National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation.

Center for Public Service, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8060