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Partnership Termination Process


Process for Terminating a Partnership

Tulane’s Center for Public Service (CPS) strives to maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our Community Partners. However, when a complaint is filed to the CPS Partnership Committee, the following protocol for terminating a partnership will be carried out. CPS staff may determine if immediate suspension of current public service activities is necessary until the Partnership Committee reports a decision (as soon as possible and within 10 working days) about whether to continue or terminate the partnership in question. Decisions regarding partnership termination will be reached before the close of the semester when the complaint is filed.


Grounds for terminating a partnership:

  • Breach of Experiential Educational Agreement
  • Egregious complaints based on individual memoranda of understanding/ agreements

Process for terminating a partnership:

  • Breach/Complaint is recorded (CPS staff would make an initial determination to suspend the activity until the Committee reviews)
  • CPS surveys all current participants and activities with the partner in question -CPS calls a meeting between the person reporting the breach/grievance, participating faculty member, student representative and community partner representative. The meeting may by facilitated by a CPS staff member or an outside trained mediator upon request.
  • CPS Partnership Committee reviews survey results and outcome of meeting and determines if the partnership should be terminated.

Mediation (involving Community Partner, students, staff, faculty) before terminating a partnership:

A representative from each CPS constituency (Community Partner, Students, Faculty, Staff, and individual who filed the grievance/ complaint) will meet to discuss partnership status before termination.

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