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VISTA Alumni Resources

As an AmeriCorps VISTA alumni, we value your hard work and dedication to the city of New Orleans. AmeriCorps alumni have a unique opportunity to share their experience, knowledge, and resources with their community.

Please explore some of the following options available to you after your AmeriCorps term of service has ended:

Stay Connected with Fellow Alums

AmeriCorps alumni are bound together by a common commitment to service and a desire to participate as active members in their communities.

Join AmeriCorps Again

We want you back! Your experience and commitment to service add value to AmeriCorps programs throughout the United States. And you can serve as a role model or leader for new members: your experience could make you eligible to serve with AmeriCorps NCCC as a team leader of to coordinate several AmeriCorps VISTA members.

Advance Your Education / The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award

Congress established the National Service Trust to provide a Segal AmeriCorps Education Award for members who successfully complete service in AmeriCorps. You can use your Segal AmeriCorps Education Award to pay education costs at qualified institutions of higher education, for educational training, or to repay qualified student loans. You can take up to seven years after your term of service has ended to claim the award.

Recruit or Support Members

Another way you can stay involved with AmeriCorps is by assisting projects in or near your community and supporting current members during service.

Incorporate Service into the Rest of Your Life

Other Ways to Stay Connected to the AmeriCorps Community

VISTA Alumni

2015-2016 Cohort

Abigail Sebton- Urban Conservancy  
Angellica Gordon- Broadmoor Improvement Association 
Dana Tumbaga- Eden House 
Emily Schnitt- Committee for a Beter New Orleans 
Eve Warnke- Cafe Reconcile 
Geordan Light Foot Smith- Nola Fruit Tree Project 
Jackie Hammer-Crowell-Crowell - Louisiana Public Health Institute 
Joey Couvillon- Network Voluntours 
Julia Turkevich- Women With A Vision 
Michael Januzzi- Nola Youth Shift 
Natalie Hare- Broadmoor Improvement Association 
Nora Waters - Committee For a Better New Orleans 
Omote (Mo) Ekwotafia- Cowen Institute 
Renee Slajda- LA Center for Children's Rights 
Sara Skjerli- Project Homecoming 
Shoshana Gordan - Tulane City Center 
Susan Herndon- APEX Youth Center 
Sydney Doyle- Lafitte Greenway 
Viviane Cahen- Center for Restorative Approaches 

2013-2014 Cohort

Jakita Allen - VISTA Leader
Maggie Birkel - Eden House
Courtni Blackstone -
Carol Chen - Cowen Institiute J
ack Duffy - CBNO Committee for a Better New Orleans
Sara Green - Homer A. Plessy Community School
Emily Kamin - Partnership for Youth Development
Chao Li - A's and Aces
Wendy Liu - Kids Rethink New Orleans
Fernando Reyes - Latino Farmers Cooperative 
Erin Ricketts - Kedila Family Learning Center
Lucy Rosenbloom - Southern Food and Beverage Museum
Jonathan Scott - New Orleans Fruit Tree Project
Natalie Wiggins - Girls on the Run

2012-2013 Cohort

Ben Brubaker, Program Coodinator
Betsy Bateman, Kedila Family Learning Services
Jason LaCoste, FirstLine Charter Schools
Lauren Lim, Youth Rebuilding New Orleans
Jon Hourcade, Sanofka Community Development Corporation
Richard Tang, Broadmoor Development Cooperation
Kathleen Duffy, Joseph S. Clark high School
Kylie Kastes, ARISE Academy
Kathleen Duffy, Joseph S. Clark high School<
Jack Hua, Kids ReThink New Orleans Schools
Jean Hsu, Homer A. Plessy School
Noel Chacha, APEX Youth Center, Benjamin Banneker

2011-2012 Cohort

Ben Brubaker, VISTA Leader
Cassie Lemon, Program Coordinator
Mike Jayes, Firstline Charter Schools, Joseph S. Clarke Preparatory Academy
Paul Kramer, Firstline Charter Schools, Samuel J. Green
Malliron Hodge, Arise Academy
Brian Templet, Youth Rebuilding New Orleans
Adrienne Roth, Kedila Family Learning Center
Adil Youssef, Upward Bound.

2010-2011 Cohort

Cassie Lemon, VISTA Leader
Cynthia "Cindy" Corrales, Green Light New Orleans
Christina Caryl, Communities in Schools
Emma Storm Herr,
Jan Jugran, Puentes New Orleans
Megan Nuismer, Hollygrove Market and Farm
Meaghan Reid, Southern Food and Beverage Museum

2009-2010 Cohort

Dominica Garza, TU Center for Public Service
Jodine Gordon, The Idea Village
Ashley Hardy, Communities in Schools
Lindsey Roper, Green Light New Orleans
Jackie Thornton, Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans
Laura Mellem, 7th Ward Neighborhood Center
Brendan Connery, New Orleans Food & Farm Network
Beth Stelson, The Green Project
Kelly Holmes, New Orleans Outreach
Kate Harding, Hispanic Apostolate Community Services
Jim Trombella, AmeriCorps VISTA Leader
Victoria Wilson, New Orleans Outreach
Christina Decker, Puentes New Orleans
Bill Pastellak, Hollygrove Market & Farm
Holley Roberts, TU Upward Bound
Matt Sweeney, Alliance for Affordable Energy
Michael Barr, The Ogden Museum of Southern Art

2008-2009 Cohort

Sarah Howard, Neighborhood Housing Services - 7th Ward Neighborhood Center
Lindsay Finlayson, Communities in Schools of New Orleans
Collin Thomas, Gulf Resoration Network
Stephanie O'Brien, Catholic Charities
Joshua Lewis, The Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research
Gwyn Garrison, The Idea Village
Meaghan Callahan, Hispanic Apostolate - Community Services
Nicholas Roosevelt, The Green Project
Christine "Hunter" Savard, Alliance for Affordable Energy
Joshua Fertitta, New Orleans Outreach
Mary Blair, VISTA Leader
Erica Johnson, Neighborhoods Partnership Network
Asya Gough, Upward Bound
Robert Fogarty, City Of New Orleans Mayor's Office of Public Advocacy/VIGOR

2007-2008 Cohort

Cole Judge, Tulane/Xavier Center for Bioenvironmental Research
Pavel Leykin, Louisiana Association of Non-Profit Organziations
Danielle Miles, Ashe Cultural Arts Center
Narda Hernandez, Tulane Community Health Center at Covenant House
Jenny Durkin, New Orleans Outreach
Jared Heuter, CITYbuild
Amy Medtlie, Gulf Restoration Network
Lindsay Pick, VISTA Leader; Hispanic Apostolate
Brittany Jones, The Neighborhood Gallery
Alison Phillips, Hispanic Apostolate
Jules Goins, Neighborhoods Partnership Network
Dela Gross, Catholic Charities

2006-2007 Cohort

Carly Benkov, VISTA Leader, Hispanic Apostolate
Christina Indovina, Hispanic Apostolate
Jeffrey Swartz, New Orleans Outreach
Elliott McGann, ACORN
Lindsay McCook, Preservation Resource Center/Rebuilding Together
Avery Brewton,The Neighborhood Gallery
Annie Stennes, Communities in Schools
Mark Tiewes, Ashe Cultural Arts Center
Ari-Anne McGinnis, The Green Project
Sarah Gamble, CITYbuild
Lindsay Pick,For The Children

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