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Previous Participants


Academic Year 2012/13

Facilitators:Drs. Carol Whelan and Jimmy Huck


-Rick Aubry, SISE

-Rich Cooper, English

-Heidi Hoechst, Gender Studies

-Tom Klingler, French and Italian

-Alice Kracke, English

-Catherine Michna, English

-Wendy Redfield, Architecture

-Sunshine Van Bael, Ecology and Environmental Biology

-Teresa Villa-Ignacio, French and Italian

-Anne Marie Womack, English

-Linelle Ajello, Communication

-Laura McKinney, Sociology

-Shakufeh Ramirez, Public Health

-Travis Tanner, English

-Michael Falgoust, Philosophy

-Alessandra Bazzano-Nelson, Public Health

-Lorelei Cropley, Public Health

-Liz Derryberry, Ecology and Environmental Biology


Academic Year 2011/12

Facilitators: Drs. Susann Lusnia and Jimmy Huck


- Peter Scharf, SPHU

- Diane Grams, Sociology

- Dauphine Sloan, Payson Center

- Ana Fernandes-Esteves, Stone Center

- Michael Dancisak, Biomedical Engineering

- Donata Henry, Ecology and Environmental Biology

- Celeste Lay, Political Science

- Andrew Liles, Architecture

- Monique Cola, Neuroscience

- Chaney Tullos, Theater and Dance

- William Bryan, Sociology and Student Affairs

- Patricia Burns, English

- Emily Wicktor, English

- Marline Otte, History

- James Kilbane, Teacher Prep Program

- Joel Dinerstein, English

- Luisa Dantas, English

- Kirsten Winterstein, Stone Center

- Max Samarov, Music

Academic Year 2010/11

Facilitator: Dr. Jimmy Huck


- Bruce Goodwin, Architecture

- Michelle Foa, Art

- Thomas Allen, Student Affairs

- Anna Monhartova, Payson Center

- Annette Sojic, French

- Alexandra Reuber, French

- Carol Gering, ROTC

- Judith Lewis, Social Work 

- Nicole Gasparini, Earth and Environmental Studies

- Jeff Agnew, Earth and Environmental Studies

- Jeff Sigler, Earth and Environmental Studies

- Alla Rosca, Political Science

- A.J. Englande, SPHU

- T. J. Stranova, SPHU

- Jefferey Johnson, SPHU

- Chris Surprenant, Philosophy

- Jordan Karubian, Ecology and Environmental Biology

- Jane Carter, Classical Studies

- Karis Schoellmann, SPHU

- Francoise Grossman-Kendall

- Katherine Parrish, Cell and Molecular Biology


Academic Year 2009/10

Facilitators; Drs. T. R. Johnson and Jimmy Huck


- Annabella Espana-Najera, Stone Center

- Martin Mendoza, Stone Center

- Victoria Tsai, Chinese

- Cordula Roser, Architecture

- Marilyn Feldmeier, Architecture

- Brian Horowitz, Jewish Studies

- Lauren Caron, English

- Laura Richens, Newcomb Gallery

- Susie Allen, SPHU

- Beretta Smith-Shomade, Communication

- Carey Clouse, Architecture

- Emilie Taylor, Architecture

- Thomas Anders, History,

- Guadalupe Garcia, History

- Red Tremmel, Gender Studies

- Lisa George, Classical Studies

- Rebecca Chaisson, Social Work

- Corinne Zawacki, Ecology and Environmental Biology

- Caroline Taylor, Ecology and Environmental Biology

- Steven Ostertag, Sociology

Center for Public Service, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8060