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Community-Engaged Research

Benefits of Community-Engaged Scholarship 

With distinction as leading institution for engaged scholarship, Tulane has many opportunities for faculty to apply expertise from all disciplines to solving real community issues. By forging campus-community partnerships and leveraging resources, we fulfill the civic purposes of education and explore new avenues for research and publication. Engaged faculty "practice principles of inclusion, equity, co-generation of knowledge, and action." (Cunningham and McKinney, 2010).

In this section, interested faculty can learn about the grant opportunities available through the Center for Public Service: CBR and CBPR (more information below) as well as how to receive the Center's support for national grant applications such as the NSF or NIH.


Grants Provided by the Center for Public Service

An essential contribution provided by an academic institution is the gathering and dissemination of information within local, regional, national, and international communities. Catalyzed by Tulane's renewed commitment to local and regional neighbors, the following grant programs provide Tulane faculty members with financial resources required to conduct research that advances Tulane's research and civic agendas in the context of contemporary New Orleans. The center's goal is to support faculty members currently engaged in or planning community-based research, while further promoting collaboration between the greater New Orleans community and Tulane University by institutionalizing engaged teaching, learning, and research at Tulane. 

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The Center for Public Service awards funding to support faculty conducting community-based research. CPS defines community-based research as collaborative, change-oriented research that engages faculty members, students, and community members in projects that address community needs.


The Center for Public Service (CPS) awards funding to support our community partner organizations in their efforts to research topics of importance in the community with the aim of creating knowledge that "contributes to making a concrete and constructive difference in the world." CPS defines Community-Based Participatory Research (CBPR) as a collaborative approach to research that promotes positive change with and within the community. It involves an equitable relationship between community organizations and university researchers that is reflected in all levels of project design and dissemination.

For more information, please contact Dr. Agnieszka Nance at


Useful Links:

The following links are available as an additional resource for faculty interested in community engaged scholarship.

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