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Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm

Mailing Address:
Center for Public Service
Alcee Fortier Hall
6823 St. Charles Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70118

Phone: 504-862-8060
Fax: 504-862-8061


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New Orleans Healing Center

Contact Info


2372 St. Claude Ave
New Orleans, Louisiana 70117
United States
Directions To Agency:
Primary Phone: 504-940-1130

Primary Agency Contact

Name: The Administrator

Agency Info

Agency type: Business
Agency hours:
Beginning date for service:

Agency Details

Agency carries liability insurance.
Agency does not carry worker's compensation insurance.

Mission statements

To provide a holistic, safe, sustainable center that heals, fulfills and empowers the individual and the community by providing services and programs promoting physical, nutritional, emotional, intellectual, environmental and spiritual well-being. Within the next four years, the New Orleans Healing Center (NOHC) will become a model for urban, community healing around the world. With an overarching aim to revitalize and unify the seven (7) surrounding downtown neighborhoods, the NOHC will work fervently to ensure that the synergistic culture established will be a holistic and sustainable sanctuary to its community, the city, the region and visitors throughout the world. The NOHC will provide a full range of programs, services and products designed to enlighten and engage the minds, bodies and spirits of a diverse population while transforming and healing lives. The NOHC through its collaborative silos will stimulate economic and environmental development in the city and redefine how to “heal” a community. The New Orleans Healing Center is well run by highly motivated leaders who bring the mission and vision to life; maintains and supports itself through a variety of creative avenues; serves visitors to its community, and invites, accepts and appreciates the participation of others who benefit the community in benevolent ways; is honored and respected as a pioneering adventure, bringing new dynamics to the culture and community of New Orleans, especially the areas surrounding the center; uses its leadership capabilities in a variety of ways to bring support and assistance to community members.

Populations Served by Agency

  • The Healing Center works with all people.

Topics Of Interest for this agency

  • Affordable Housing
  • Affordable, Sustainable Energy
  • Community Building
  • Community Organizing
  • Disaster relief/Recovery
  • Networking with educational agencies and non-profits
  • Small Business
  • Social Entrepreneurship

Public Service Needs

  • Maintain communication with agency clients
  • Students can create activities to foster group involvement with residents.
  • Organize an outreach event
  • Develop publicity material
  • Develop a new website or contribute content to an existing webpage

Public Service Activities

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