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Scholars Abroad

Community Service Scholars are encouraged to study abroad and allowed to continue receiving their Community Service Tuition Scholarship.

To remain in good standing, scholars must complete all of the following:

Maintain 2.7 cumulative GPA every semester

Meet with the Community Service Program Manager before they leave for their study abroad program and after they return. In the initial meeting students should be prepared to discuss:

  • their service activity or service interest
  • their plan for finding a service site
  • the number of hours to be completed
  • their final reflection assignment

When students return, they should be prepared to discuss their international service experience and submit all needed paperwork.

SERVICE HOURS REQUIREMENT: Students must complete the required number of hours for the semester/year (at least 20 hours per semester and a total of 50 hours per year).

ADDITIONAL SERVICE: To replace mandatory service days (Outreach Tulane and MLK Week for peace service day), students must complete an additional 10 hours of service with their community service partner site each semester abroad OR participate in a large scale community service activity similar to Outreach Tulane or MLK Week for Peace service day. Student must provide documentation of participation in large scale event.

REFLECTION PAPER: Students must submit a 5 page reflection paper at the end of each semester.

LETTER OF COMPLETION: Students must submit a letter of completion from their community service site supervisor or sponsoring faculty member, certifying that the student has completed the required hours and are in good standing with the organization/project.For students studying abroad for one semester, all documentation materials must be sent via e-mail to the Community Service Program Manager ten days after the semester ends. For students studying abroad for the whole year, students must submit documentation materials at the end of each semester.

Center for Public Service, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8060