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Information for Faculty

Services and Support SLAs Provide to Faculty Members

SLAs provide 8 – 10 hours per week of direct support designed to reduce the logistical and administrative challenges associated with teaching a service-learning course. Some of the services SLAs can provide for service learning course planning and implementation include:

  • Delivering presentations to communicate the purpose, logistics and context of service-learning.
  • Leading in-class and on-site orientations with the community partner.
  • Assistance with the coordination of student placements.
  • Ongoing problem-solving, mentoring and logistical support for student peers.
  • Collection and documentation of relevant service learning course documents (acknowledgement forms, timesheets, etc.)
  • Assistance with planning and facilitating reflection activities.
  • Analysis of community partner, student, and faculty mid and end of semester evaluations.

All courses coordinated by a Service Learning Assistant are overseen by CPS Senior Program Coordinators who monitor the planning, development, and implementation of the course, providing feedback and guidance to SLAs as necessary.

SLAs are not:

  • Teaching Assistant’s; the scope of their work should focus on service-learning.
  • Allowed to grade papers or reflections.
  • Expected to enroll in the service-learning course (although they may if they choose to).
  • Required to be available during your class time; however you may request an SLA who is available.
  • Allowed to approve new partners or activities without your consent and proper CPS vetting.
  • Intended to help develop special projects outside of the scope of normal course coordination.
  • Your only means of support; if major concerns arise, please contact your CPS Staff course coordinator.

What We Ask of Faculty

  • Set expectations with SLAs at the beginning of each semester to determine appropriate roles and responsibilities.
  • When possible, involve SLAs in course development, and maintain communication with SLA about planning and changes.
  • Communicate regularly with assigned SLA, providing feedback when appropriate.
  • Collaborate with the SLA to explore and implement best practices for service-learning pedagogy and project planning.
  • Participate in occasional program evaluation to help improve the support and services SLAs provide.

Faculty support for this program has been fundamental to our growth and success. Our students are eager to support you in helping to provide transformative learning experiences for your students. Please contact the Program Manager, Ben Brubaker at, with any feedback, suggestions, or question.

Center for Public Service, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8060