Myriam Huet, PhD
Assistant Director

Alexa Schwartz
Senior Program Coordinator

James Garrett
Senior Program Coordinator


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Public Service Internship Program - Forms and Documents

Once you have accepted an offer for an internship placement, you must notify your Internship Coordinator so that he/she can grant you access to and instruct you on the required paperwork. The following forms must be completed and submitted 2-3 weeks before classes start (check with a Coordinator for exact deadlines):

1. Internship Information Sheet (IIS) - Online access to the IIS is granted to you once you confirm a placement. The IIS provides a detailed description of the internship position and responsibilities. You must fill it out with the assistance of your supervisor. Final approval of your internship is decided by the Partnership Committee at the beginning of each semester and based on the thoroughness of your answers on this form.

2. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) - The MOU serves as your learning plan as well as an agreement between you and your internship site. This should be filled out, reviewed and signed by both you and your supervisor. One (1) copy should be submitted to your CPS Internship Coordinator. Copies of the agreement should also be kept by you and your supervisor. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE MOU.

For comprehensive information about the application and placement process, please consult the Public Service Internship Program Student Handbook here.

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