Myriam Huet, PhD
Assistant Director

Alexa Schwartz
Senior Program Coordinator

James Garrett
Senior Program Coordinator


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Public Service Internship Program - Seminar

The goal of the internship seminar (SRVC 4890) is to assist students in making the connection between their academic work and their internship experience. Through readings, reflective journal entries, and group discussions, the seminar offers students an opportunity to discuss issues related to their internship experience, to actively explore issues related to both their internship setting and their major, and to facilitate individual growth and career development. Upon completing the internship seminar,students will successfully complete the 2nd tier of the public graduation requirement and earn up to 3 hours of course credit in their major/minor fields.

Each seminar is thematically based. The seminar supports the internship placement; therefore, students should consider which seminar relates best to their internship experience. The internship seminar is most effective when students have similar internship experiences and can share and group problem solve. In the past students have been able to chose from the following topics:

  • Communication Internship (limited to Communication major/minors only)
  • Careers in Health Sciences (limited to Neuroscience and Cell and Molecular Biology majors/minors only)
  • Leadership and Ethics in Public Health (limited to Public Health major/minors only)
  • Psychology Internship (limited to Psychology major/minors only)
  • Innovative Approaches to Social Change (limited to SISE students only)
  • STEM Education Internship (Open to all majors within the School of Engineering)
  • Topics in Community Engagement (all other majors not mentioned above)

Students should visit the registrar's website to see current course listings and seminar offerings. You may not register for the Public Internship Seminar until approved to do so by CPS staff.

Center for Public Service, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8060