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Independent Study Faculty Advisor Information

Public service independent studies are educational experiences based upon a collaborative partnership between the university and the community.  In their independent study program, students are expected to apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to meet a genuine community need.  From an academic perspective, the faculty advisor plays an important role in helping students make these connections and ensure that the independent studies has the appropriate academic rigor for departmental credit.

From a public service perspective, projects must combine academics and service.  Semester-long volunteer assignments will not be approved for public service credit.  Students are expected to provide the community  (or specific community partner) with tangible and beneficial products of work. Community-based research is an  excellent example of an appropriate independent study project. 

Faculty Advisor Responsibilities:

1. Meet with student to develop "curriculum" for the independent study.

2. Submit online recommendation form for public service independent study process. 

3. Provide grade for departmental independent study course.

4. Provide CPS pass/fail grade for public service component course (SRVC 4900-01)



Center for Public Service, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8060