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Faculty-Developed Independent Studies

Through the public service independent study option, CPS encourages faculty members to utilize students in their community-based research or projects.  This options provides students the opportunity to conduct impactful work in the community while gaining course credit and completing the 2nd tier of the  public service graduation requirement.

Public service independent studies are departmental independent studies that include a public service 
component.  For example, developing a curriculum for teaching Shakespeare to third graders could be 
considered a public service independent study.  It requires both research on curricular design and Shakespeare, 
while providing a tangible product to a community partner organization.   Given that the department would accept this work for departmental independent study credit,  a student can also seek approval for public service credit. The department enrolls the student in the departmental independent study course; and the faculty advisor is responsible for supervising and grading the student's work.

The faculty-developed independent study option differs from the student-developed public service independent study process in that the faculty, rather than the student, petitions for the public service credit.  Typically this option is utilized when a faculty member has more than two students working on the same research or project. Examples include public service or community-based research projects,  community assessments, large scale community projects or on-going community initiatives.

Faculty interested in this option should complete the online submission form and send a course syllabus to Dr. Myriam Huet. Please email her with any questions.

Deadlines to submit petitions:

  • April 15th to get reviewed by the end of the Spring semester
  • November 15th to get reviewed by the end of the Fall semester


Examples of past faculty-developed independent studies include:

Dr. Courtney N. Baker, Department of Psychology, Project DIRECT

Louisa Dantas, Department of English, Advanced Place-Based Storytelling in New Orleans

Dr. Douglas N. Harris, Department of Economics, Education Research Alliance for New Orleans

Center for Public Service, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8060