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Independent Study-Student Information

In order for students to receive public service credit for an independent study,  they need to follow the process below. Petitions will not be submitted to the review committee until all required information has been received.

To receive public service credit:

  • Public service independent studies must first be approved by the student's academic department and must include faculty supervision. Students should check with their academic or faculty advisor to learn more about the independent study approval process.
  • Once the student has received approval to complete an independent study, the student must contact the Center for Public Service to petition for public service credit. Students must complete the Public Service Independent Study Petition form.
  • Faculty advisor statement of support is required before individual petitions will be reviewed.
  • All petitions will be reviewed by the CPS Petitions Committee. If approved, these petitions will be forwarded to Newcomb-Tulane College. This process may take several weeks, and does not need to be completed before the beginning of classes.

All service independent studies/honors theses must meet the following requirements:

  • Include community-based research;
  • Require direct engagement with a community partner/organization;
  • Community engagement must connect with the academic field for which credit is being earned;
  • Research findings must benefit and be shared with the community partner.

The Petitions Committee reviews requests each Fall and Spring semester (September to April). The committee will not review petition during the summer months.  If a student intends to complete an independent study over the summer in order to graduate,  petition materials need to be submitted prior to April 15th.

Deadlines to submit petitions:

  • April 15th to get reviewed by the end of the Spring semester
  • November 15th to get reviewed by the end of the Fall semester

CPS also offers small grants to support student's research efforts. For more information, please see our Grants page.

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