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Past Award Recipients

2015 Award Recipient

During his time at Tulane, Trey Holmes has invested his time and energy in various student organizations and campus departments including the Undergraduate Student Government, the Center for Public Service, the Office of Undergraduate Admission, Orientation and Parent Programs, the Community Action Council of Tulane University Students (CACTUS) and the Undergraduate School of Public Health. Through active engagement and leadership within these organizations, he strengthened his passion, knack and interest in leadership and public service.  He believes the lessons he has learned can be applied to many aspects of life. "It is important when serving or leading others to be sure the work you are accomplishing is appropriate, helpful and wanted by all those who will be affected by the efforts you are carrying out."  For the 2015-2016 academic year, Trey is serving as the CACTUS chair and cannot wait to continue serving and building lasting relationships with many of our community partners, organizations, and volunteers.  


2014 Award Recipient

Adam Kline has a passion for helping others, and used that passion as motivation to start a club called Tulane University Service-Dog Training and Education Program (TUSTEP) during the spring semester of 2013. The club partners with Canine Companions for Independence (CCI), a national organization that trains service dogs for people with disabilities. CCI works with volunteer puppy raisers to teach the service dogs in training the first 60 commands they learn in their first year and a half. Adam learned about CCI, decided that the mission of the organization really resonated with him, and became intent on bringing a chapter to Tulane University. The idea of TUSTEP is that certain individual members of the club are puppy raisers, and get a 2-month-old puppy from CCI to train. The rest of the club members are puppy sitters, and provide support for the puppy raisers. TUSTEP has become a community in which members come together to help raise money for the costs of raising a dog (which are put upon the puppy raiser), and help to take care of the dog when the primary puppy raiser is unable.


2013 Award Recipient

Tessa Barkan

Tessa Barkan has spent her time at Tulane working with a number of local organizations, mainly in the realm of education. She has tutored in local elementary schools, and worked with high school students for the organization Upward Bound. She is the current captain of the Supplemental Instruction program, a branch of the new Tulane Academic Success Center, where she both works with students and holds administrative responsibilities. She has volunteered with Fourth World Movement, the Institute of Women’s and Ethnic Studies, and the Family Service League. Tessa plans to use this award towards the cost of Tulane’s Compassion in Action program, a month long service program in India this summer to work with Tibetan refugees.

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