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Information for Faculty

The PSF Program is a partnership for the mutual benefit of the fellow and the faculty member. There are a variety of services Fellows can provide to faculty members, as well as numerous ways that faculty members can provide mentoring and support for Fellows.

Services Fellows Provide to Faculty Members

In addition to providing students with opportunities for enhanced leadership roles in the public service graduation requirement and promoting a student culture of engagement, the PSF program provides faculty members with much needed logistical support. At minimum, fellows provide three hours per week of direct support designed to reduce the logistical and administrative challenges associated with teaching a service-learning course. Some of the services fellows can provide for service learning course planning and implementation include:

  • Articulation and promotion of the purpose of service-learning to community partners and peers
  • Weekly communication with community partner agencies
  • Assistance with the coordination of student placements
  • Ongoing communication and problem-solving support for student peers
  • Collection of time sheets and other course documents
  • Assistance with reflection activities
  • Analysis of community partner, student, and faculty mid and end of semester evaluations

All courses coordinated by a Public Service Fellow are overseen by a CPS Senior Program Coordinator who monitors the planning, development, and implementation of the course, providing feedback and guidance to Fellows as necessary. 

What We Ask of Faculty

  • Participation in faculty mentor orientation luncheon
  • Involvement in course development and implementation in accordance with best practices for service-learning
  • Regular weekly communication with assigned Public Service Fellow
  • Participation in program evaluation and research

Faculty Mentorship

Faculty members provide support and guidance to Fellows in their coordination of service-learning activities for their assigned courses. As a result, Fellows will be encouraged to grow intellectually, professionally, and personally in their leadership abilities. 

Memorandum of Understanding

The Center for Public Service asks that each Fellow complete a Memorandum of Understanding with his or her faculty mentor and CPS Senior Program Coordinator. CPS will provide the Fellow with a copy of this document during orientation at the beginning of the semester. Completion of this MOU ensures that all parties understand what specific responsibilities have been assigned to the Fellow and helps the Fellow determine how to best assist in creating a successful service learning experience for students. 

Departmental Partnerships

Each semester the Center for Public Service seeks to offer platform courses for Fellows in a variety of disciplines. In the past, Fellows have had to select platform courses in Communications, Social Work, and Latin American Studies. We are continually looking to establish partnerships with new departments and faculty members who might be interested in teaching a platform course in the future. 

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