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Service Learning Assistants

Service Learning Assistants (SLA) are paid student leaders who help coordinate and support service learning courses at Tulane. SLAs are typically assigned to support 2-3 service learning courses per semester, supporting faculty, students and community partners with planning, presentations, orientations, reflections and logistics.

Mission Statement

The Service Learning Assistants program recruits, trains, and empowers exceptional student-leaders to help build the capacity of the Center for Public Service to ensure that every student has the opportunity to participate in transformative, meaningful and reciprocal Service Learning.

Goals of the Service Learning Assistants Program

1) Transform service learning at Tulane University

In order to ensure that every Tulane student has a meaningful undergraduate service learning experience, the Service Learning Assistants program both challenges and empowers its members to transform service learning in number of ways:

  • By building the capacity of the Center for Public Service to address social challenges and foster responsible citizenship while remaining accountable to both Tulane and the New Orleans community.
  • Through relationship building, co-education and collaboration with the community in reciprocity of learning and service.
  • By supporting faculty in leading high quality service learning courses in order to promote the value and importance of engaged scholarship to both the community and the university.
  • By serving as peer-mentors for students to support meaningful service-learning experiences, while modeling the characteristics of personal, social, and intellectual engagement.
  • By helping Tulane University embrace and advance new and emerging paradigms of service, social justice and democratic engagement, both as a campus and as an institution.

2) Empower SLAs to become leaders in social change

The Service Learning Assistants program supports members’ ongoing development as leaders and professionals in democratic engagement, through a combination of formal training and experiential learning designed to empower each member to:

  • Develop a personal philosophy on democratic engagement and social justice.
  • Acquire leadership skills to address social challenges while fostering responsible citizenship.
  • Build relationships that strengthen, sustain and restore communities and society as a whole.
  • Gain experience transforming institutions, working with diverse groups, and facilitating meaningful collaboration.

Service Learning Assistants are empowered through a strengths-based leadership development philosophy that places value on the inherent skills, talents, resources, passions and perspectives of each individual, while helping them leverage those assets to meet their personal and professional goals.

Values of the Service Learning Assistants Program

  • Leadership
  • Transformation
  • Collaboration
  • Support
  • Adaptability
  • Accountability
  • Inclusion



Center for Public Service, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8060