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Public Service Petition for Study Abroad Programs

Students who have completed public service within the academic components of their study abroad programs can have them reviewed to determine whether they fulfill the public service graduation requirement.  These experiences may include internships, research projects, or traditional service-learning courses.  In order for your experience to be considered,  your study abroad program must have offered academic credit for the service experience.  Community service hours alone will not be accepted. 

These petitions will be reviewed during each Fall and Spring semester by a committee of faculty members. Petitions should be submitted after the student returns, and the study abroad credits have been posted to the student's transcript. Students should then submit the Study Abroad Petition form.

Deadlines to submit petitions:

  • April 15th to get reviewed by the end of the Spring semester
  • November 15th to get reviewed by the end of the Fall semester

Please contact Dr. Myriam Huet with any questions.


Center for Public Service, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-862-8060