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India 2017: Compassion in Action

Program Dates: May 28th to June 27th, 2017

Program Cost: $3,200

Application Deadline: February 15, 2017


The Compassion in Action Program is an international intensive service learning program and 3 credit class (SOWK 3400: Social Engagement in India), offered in partnership with the Department of Social Work. Students will earn 3 academic credits and fulfill the 2nd tier of the public service requirement through this program.  The program engages students in a variety of learning opportunities to develop self and community. Students will spend four weeks in India involved in community service and social work projects.


Program Objectives

The Compassion in Action program is designed to:

  • Develop student participants' community-focused social service leadership skills.
  • Engage student participants in a variety of social service delivery models, interventions, and techniques.
  • Expose students to Tibetan and North Indian history and culture.
  • Promote international understanding of the Tibetan situation and support for the Tibetan people.

Service Projects

The Compassion in Action will involve up to 16 Tulane students in community service projects North India. In addition to the projects listed below, participants will visit and engage in dialogue with a variety of community leaders and visit social service programs in the area.

Sisters of Mercy: While in Delhi, students will volunteer with the Sisters of Mercy, Mother Theresa's social service program. Services provided will be dependent on need. Examples of previous service activities include: cooking, cleaning and visiting with residents.

Lha Charitable Trust: The flagship project for the program will be our work with Lha Charitable Trust. Through Lha Charitable Trust, each student will be paired with a Tibetan refugee. Beginning via e-mail during the semester, we will serve as a conversation/writing partner and English tutor. Student interaction with learning partners will focus on English language skills. While working with Lha Charitable Trust, students will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of additional activities. For more details on Lha Charitable Trust, visit .

Tso Pema: While in Tso Pema, participants will have the opportunity to engage with Tibetan refugee elders and a group of Tibetan monks and nuns that live in meditative seclusion in caves in the mountains around Tso Pema. The students will also have the opportunity to work with the children of a Tibetan refugee nursery school which the Tibet Association of Tulane University (TATU) is helping to sponsor.

Environmental projects: Students will meet environmental activists and may participate in local clean-up and awareness projects.

Fair Trade Programs: The students will visit cooperative and fair trade projects, learn about social entrepreneurship and cooperative development, and have the opportunity to become involved.

Criteria for Admission

Responsibility: Successful candidates show their maturity, ability to participate in a group and adapt to changing circumstances with minimal supervision. In addition, successful candidates complete the application and make all payments on time.

Extra-curricular activities: Successful candidates display enthusiasm for the program throughout the semester by participating in Tibetan community events outside of class, volunteering for Tibet-related causes, and participating in activities outside of the classroom with TATU, LHA, etc. While more weight is given to students' work with Tibetan-related causes, participating and taking leadership in other community service, international and humanitarian efforts is also reviewed.

Late payments and not maintaining a high standard of conduct after acceptance are grounds for participants to lose their place in the program. Preference will be given to students who have participated in any of the three recommended courses : SOWK 2310: Buddhist Culture and Global Social work with Tibetan Refugees, TIDES 1113: Mindfulness-Self and Emotion, and/ or SOWK 2300: Social Welfare , and/or SOWK 2320: Tibet-Social Welfare and Change, and/or PHIL 3500: Buddhism

"I truly enjoyed all of it , and most of the problems I saw, i.e. delays, and so on, were mainly just part of life...I really liked that the schedule was well-defined, yet still had days that did not follow our strict schedule. I would say that the Mutual learning partner experience was one the greatest learning opportunities that I have ever been a part of. It was amazing to both teach and learn at the same time...

I had a wonderful time, and would do it all again without hesitation."
-Hunter Tunmire, History Major, class of 2014


India: Compassion in Action, Summer 2017—Information Session

Thursday, November 17th from 4:30-5:30pm in LBC 203 Stibbs Conference Room RSVP HERE

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