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Summer 2017: Engage in St. Martin

Program Dates: May 23rd to June 7th, 2017
Program Cost: $3,290
St Martin Community Leader in Garden

Application Deadline:  March 1st, 2017


The St. Martin Program is an intensive, immersive service-learning program that combines a 3-credit class (ANTH 3550: Social Change, Sustainability, and Postcolonial Identity in the Caribbean) with community engagement. The course is based in the small binational island of St. Martin (Lesser Antilles). It includes a mandatory, zero-credit service-learning component (ANTH 3890: Service Learning), which will satisfy the 2nd tier service-learning requirement for sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The primary purpose of the program is for students to meaningfully engage with locals, work and meet with community members committed to cultural, food, and economic sustainability, as well as gain an in-depth understanding of anthropological concepts and research methodology, especially as they relate to postcolonial contexts and the shaping of cultural/linguistic identities and socio-economic/political systems.

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St. Martin study abroad offers cross-cultural experience


Program Objectives

The "Engage in St. Martin" program is designed to:

  • Develop student participants' understanding of basic ethnographic methodology and anthropological theory through lectures, written assignments, and fieldwork exercises;
  • Introduce students to an array of programs that promote cultural, food, and economic sustainability, develop close mentorships with Rastafari members of the 4 Real We Agree With Culture association, and learn from local community leaders, officials, artists, activists, scholars, and writers;
  • Expose students to the history and contemporary social issues of the Caribbean, as well as grassroots and social movements, including the Rastafari movement;
  • Incorporate engaged scholarship approaches into students' academic learning to gain a firsthand sense of the socio-political and economic canvas shaping the island's realities.


Service Projects

The St. Martin program will involve up to 12 Tulane students in community service projects with the nonprofit organization 4 Real We Agree With Culture, founded and run by Rastafari elders and youth, with collaborative projects with the Ecotourism program implemented by the Tourism Bureau of St. Martin. Some of the activities that students will partake in include:

  • Learning about biodiversity in St. Martin and agricultural methods and strategies by tending to an urban garden, preparing organic produce grown at the garden for sale, and cooking vegetarian meals using produce and traditional Caribbean seasonings;
  • Tutoring youth and giving educational tours to school groups and tourists;
  • Learning about the running of a nonprofit (administration, outreach, community events, fundraising, etc.) and the organization of agricultural/crafts fairs;
  • Participating in workshops on the history and cultural relevance of local foodways, ethnobotany and traditional systems of knowledge, and the medicinal value of plants.

St Martin


Consent of instructor. The following courses are recommended but not required: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANTH 1020), basic French and/or Haitian Kreyol.

Cost of ProgramSt Martin woman

$3,290 is the total cost of the program. It includes:
  • Tuition
  • Room and Board
  • In-country transportation
  • Group meals
  • Medical and Travel Insurance

Summer 2017: Engage in St. Martin - Information Session

Thursday, November 17th from 4:30-5:30pm in LBC 203 Stibbs Conference Room RSVP HERE

St. Martin Summer 2016

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