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Patrick Bordnick Ph.D.

Dean of The School of Social Work

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Reggie Ferreira, PhD.


Reggie Ferreira

Dr. Reggie Ferreira, Director, Disaster Resilience Leadership Program | Assistant Professor, Tulane School of Social Work | Ph.D., University of Louisville, Kent School of Social Work | Research Fellow Department of Social Work, University of the Free State, South Africa.

Dr. Ferreira became the Director of the DRL Program in Spring 2017. Originally, Dr. Ferreira joined the faculty from the Center of Hazards Research, University of Louisville. He earned a BSW degree and his master's degree in disaster management (cum laude) from the University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa and a Ph.D. in social work from the University of Louisville. His dissertation research focused on multilevel disaster resilience and social vulnerability, pre and post Hurricane Katrina. Currently his work is focused on post Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill resilience and recovery. Reggie has worked on several local and international research projects related to disaster risk reduction in Africa, Europe and the United States. His main focus is on disaster research, primarily on systematic disaster resilience, social vulnerability and well-being within a disaster context. His work has been presented and published through several prestigious local and international peer review outlets. Other research interests include intimate partner violence, evidence-based practice research and pet loss. Dr. Ferreira is a second generation Ph.D. originally from South Africa. 

Meredith M. Feike, Ph.D.

Director of Recruitment and Student Affairs

Meredith FeikeDr. Feike is a Clinical Associate Professor and the Director of Recruitment & Student Affairs at the Disaster Resilience Leadership Program. She is a Newcomb Fellow at Tulane University. Fellows support higher education of women, promote leadership opportunities for women, and foster faculty-student interaction and research. As a Disaster Anthropologist, her courses provide a humanistic framework for understanding the cultural dynamics of human vulnerability to disasters, conceptualizing populations at risk in a disaster framework and review of best practices in vulnerability reduction through cultural competence and capacity-building. Dr. Feike holds a Ph.D. in Geography (Anthrogeography & Disaster Science and Management), specializing in community resilience, social vulnerability, forced displacement and gender and disaster risk reduction. She has served as a researcher on the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Coastal Services Center Community Resilience Index (CRI) Project. The project developed a Community Resilience Index (CRI) designed to quantify the resilience of physical, economic, socio-cultural, and ecological capital in a community against episodic and slow-onset coastal hazards. Following Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Feike conducted fieldwork in the Vietnamese community of Eastern Orleans Parish, examining the rapid revitalization of the ethnic enclave through a neighborhood-based initiative for redevelopment. She is an Associate Emergency Manager (AEM) and Certified Emergency Manager (CEM). Dr. Feike served two consecutive terms as Vice President of the Newcomb Alumnae Association and currently serves on the boards of both the Tulane University Women's Association and the Louise S. McGehee School Alumnae Association.