The Impact of Tulane as an Enterprise


Tulane contributes to the economic vitality of the city, the Greater New Orleans area and the state through its spending on payroll, its purchases of goods and services from companies in Louisiana and its investment in university construction.

  • Tulane offers residents of New Orleans a wide variety of high-quality jobs. Employment at Tulane has grown by 33 percent since the fall of 2006. In fiscal year 2013, the average salary for full-time, full-year employees at Tulane was nearly $98,000—significantly higher than the average for all private sector workers in New Orleans.

  • Tulane spent nearly $435 million during fiscal year 2013 on the purchase of goods and services (excluding construction), including nearly $70 million to companies in New Orleans and $45.3 million to companies in the rest of Louisiana. This spending directly supported 756 full-time-equivalent jobs with companies throughout Louisiana.

  • In fiscal year 2013, off-campus spending by students outside the New Orleans metropolitan area totaled $133.5 million. That spending directly supported 1,520 full-time-equivalent jobs in New Orleans.

  • Between fiscal year 2009 and 2013, Tulane invested $131.9 million in construction of new and renovation of existing campus facilities. 

  • In fiscal year 2013, Tulane’s payroll of $348.2 million generated #11.5 million on Louisiana state income taxes. The university also paid more than $9.1 million in fees (for water and sewer services, payments to the Louisiana Patients Compensation Fund, etc.) to state and local governments.