Developing the Region's Human Capital


Tulane is a major contributor to the development of the City of New Orleans, the region’s and the state’s human capital—the accumulated knowledge, skills and experience of the region’s residents.

  • In the fall of 2012, Tulane enrolled a total of 13,486 undergraduate, graduate and professional students—the highest number in the university’s history, and an increase of 27 percent since the fall of 2006. About 21 percent of all Tulane students were residents of the New Orleans metropolitan area; and about 5 percent were from elsewhere in Louisiana.

  • Tulane offers undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees in a wide range of fields that are well aligned to the needs of many of the city’s and the region’s leading industries, including industries that could in the years ahead help drive the region’s growth.

  • Tulane also offers residents of the city and the region opportunities to build their skills and advance their careers through its School of Continuing Studies. In the fall of 2012, 1,975 students were enrolled in the School of Continuing Studies – nearly 15 percent of total enrollment at Tulane.

  • As of the summer of 2013, about 29,700 Tulane alumni – 21 percent of all University alumni – lived in the New Orleans metropolitan area.