Innovation & Entrepreneurship


During the past several years, Tulane has placed new emphasis on encouraging and supporting innovation, entrepreneurship and economic development, both within the university and in the New Orleans area.

  • Tulane now offers a range of courses and degree programs—from the undergraduate level to the university’s groundbreaking PhD program in bioinnovation—aimed at educating the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

  • Cocurricular programs, like the annual Tulane Business Model Competition, provide students with opportunities to hone their skills as entrepreneurs and to develop plans for new ventures.

  • Between 2008-2013, Tulane assisted the creation of 11 startup companies that are engaged in the development and commercial use of technologies initially developed at the university. Six of these companies are located in the New Orleans area.

  • The region is home to dozens of other companies started by Tulane faculty members, alumni and students—in architecture, biotechnology, consulting, real estate development, e-commerce, environmental services, hospitality, social media and many other industries.

  • Tulane is collaborating with the state, the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, Xavier University and the University of New Orleans in development of the New Orleans BioInnovation Center—a 66,000-square-foot building located in the city’s biomedical district that provides space for new and growing companies in biotechnology, medical devices, health informatics and related fields.

  • The university continues to support the work of the Idea Village—a New Orleans nonprofit that is dedicated to identifying, supporting and retaining entrepreneurs in the New Orleans area.