Getting Started


I already have a account. What has changed?

Your Tulane alumni email account is now more than just an alias for forwarding email. You get an actual mailbox with full functionality that you can log into to read mail, send mail and do much more.


How do I setup an Alumni Email for Life Account?

Go to the alumni website and fill out the Alumni Email for Life request form. You will receive an email from us with your user ID and an initial password that you must change on first login. Your service should start within two weeks.


How do I activate my Alumni Email for Life Account?

  1. Open your web browser and go to
  2. In the "Windows Live ID:" field, enter your address.
  3. In the "Password:" field, enter the initial password that you received via email.
  4. Click the Sign in button.
    Sign In Alumni
  5. Select your Time Zone, and click OK.
    Time Zone
  6. You have now reached the main Alumni Email for Life webmail portal. You must turn off the forwarding to your external account if you wish to use your Alumni Email for Life Mailbox.
    To do this:
    • Click Options in the upper right hand corner.
      Option Webmail
    • Click Organize E-Mail on the left.
      Organize E-mail
    • Uncheck the box for the Rule "Redirect".
      Rule Redirect

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