Critical Personnel Policy

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Level 1—Red Group:  includes only those employees whose presence on campus is necessary for life safety and security, for example, TUPD and facilities personnel.  These personnel would be the first to be recalled in an emergency requiring the immediate suspension of all normal teaching, research and service activities.  This group may include personnel, both faculty and staff members, necessary to ensure that research activities that could cause damage if they lose power or cooling are kept stable and viable.

Level 2—Yellow Group:  includes employees needed to maintain critical infrastructure and safety with intermittent on-campus presence.  This too is associated with suspension of all normal teaching, research and service activities.  This group may include employees necessary to provide animal care, safety, maintenance of perishable materials and protection of records and data.

Level 3—Blue Group:  includes employees whose support of critical business operations (as opposed to infrastructure and safety) can be performed from remote locations or with brief, occasional visits to campus.  This includes personnel needed to resume normal teaching and research operations.  In academic units, deans, chairs, principal administrative assistants and coordinators of vital activities should be included in this category.

 To be considered for the Critical Personnel List, please submit the required information in the form linked here (opens in new window). A working group will review all requests and notify you and your listed supervisor of the decision.

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