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Outdoor Warning Sirens

 About the System

In the fall of 2011, Tulane University began to expand the all hazards safety communications on the Uptown campus. In response to lessons learned from tragic events at institutions of high education around the country, Tulane installed outdoor warning sirens designed to provide efficient warning to students, staff, faculty, visitors and even our neighbors on the Uptown campus. The sirens and public address systems are integrated into the emergency phone infrastructure. There are two models of sirens on the Uptown campus, as seen below. Each incorporates an emergency phone and the addressable siren system in the unit.

WEBS-MT-R_OP4                                                        WEBS-WM

Both the stand alone (L) and wall mount (R) units incorporate widely visible blue lights and emergency call boxes, as well as speakers for the sirens.


These sirens and public address systems are designed to be heard outdoors only. They are not intended to be heard by persons within buildings on campus. The University has alternate and comprehensive plans, including text and e-mail alerts, to ensure that persons in buildings are notified to any dangerous or emergency situations.

In the event of an emergency that threatens the safety of persons outdoors, the sirens may sound. The tones are distinct and very loud, and will be followed by a voice announcement. As voice messages do not carry as far, the voice message may be unintelligible. Regardless of the situation, the default action when the sirens are activated will be: 


Take shelter in the nearest building and seek further information

Examples of when the sirens will be activated include:

Click on the situation above for a sample recording of the siren and voice announcement. WARNING: THE SAMPLE TONES MAY BE VERY LOUD. PLEASE ADJUST VOLUME ACCORDINGLY.

Test tones are different from emergency activation tones. Click here to hear the test tones. Here is an example of the accompanying voice alert.


System Testing

In order to maintain a state of operational readiness and to familiarize the Tulane community with the sirens, it is necessary that periodic tests be conducted on the system. The tests will be scheduled to minimize interference with academic and event schedules. Testing will include advance notification of the Tulane community, as well as our neighbors. Testing will be conducted with officers on standby to answer any questions and assist as necessary. For additional information about testing, you may contact our office at any time. 



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