School of Continuing Studies

Homeland Security student Doug Jacobs has developed the Aquaponic Modular Production Systems (AMPS) which has a goal to efficiently deliver nutrition where food is unavailable as a result of disasters or where social inequities have resulted in "food desert" shortages of fresh, nutritious foods. An AMP provides a reliable source of fresh produce to communities where soil degradation, water shortages, pollution and other environmental and anthropogenic factors prevent the cultivation of healthy food.

Tulane Paralegal Studies students are volunteering their time at the Pro Bono Project, and the New Orleans Legal Assistance Clinic helping residents with civil legal matters, from clearing title to their homes so they can receive repair and elevation grants to helping with landlord-tenant issues and family law matters.

Paralegal students are also working with Orleans Public Defenders through their First Appearances program to provide pre-trial criminal defense assistance to people who need the services of an attorney but cannot afford one.

The school gave a free 6-week course to 16 New Orleans Police Department Sergeants in “writing and editing Police Reports.” The NOPD sergeants were selected by NOPD senior leadership.

These are just a few examples of how the School of Continuing Studies has embraced Tulane's commitment to community engagement.


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