Dear New Orleans

As we launch Tulane Empowers, we have identified public education, public service, urban revitalization, disaster response and community health as priority issues. These are areas where, post-Katrina, we have developed extraordinary expertise and well-defined mechanisms for collaboration and the delivery of services. Faculty, staff and students across every school and college are working in these five areas and they are bringing their creativity to bear on solving some of society’s greatest problems.

Much as society is ever-changing, the university is an ever-evolving community. Through Tulane Empowers we are able to nimbly and quickly shift our resources to meet unexpected challenges, from environmental assaults to humanitarian relief efforts. We will continually evaluate and monitor how we are responding to the challenges of the day and should it be necessary, expand or narrow our focus appropriately.

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000