American Volunteers

I'm a recent Tulane alum, and, along with a few fellow veterans of the nonprofit/rebuilding community in New Orleans, I began working on this project last year to represent the nationwide service movement. We each have unique and deep experiences with the volunteer community and want to represent it in a positive and wide-reaching way. Since launching our project, we've been over-whelmed and humbled by the positive response and support from members of the service community around the country and world.

Our project is aimed at elevating the visibility and accessibility of service opportunities to all people, in all places. And, for us, it all started in New Orleans...

"American Volunteers" is a TV show capturing the volunteer experience, showing you what it's like to travel to places familiar or far-away, to wade in, pitch in, take it all in, all the while giving something back.

Hosts Brendan Gordon and Aaron Frumin, themselves veteran volunteers, seek out forgotten and underserved corners of the world, along the way bringing to light the many organizations and agencies that work hard every day to make a difference. As they make their own way around the globe, Brendan and Aaron show you the unique communities that grow up around volunteer projects, and reveal how volunteers become part of the place and part of the culture, as few other travelers do. At each stop they meet the selfless people who volunteer a day, a week or a lifetime for a cause they believe in. They play hard and work harder, proving that anyone, anywhere--across the sea or across the street--of any age and any skill level can join in, help out, and have a rowdy good time.

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