Kate Schimmer


August 2011, in front of my house with the potatoes that I planted and harvested (with plenty of help from my neighbours). I also planted garlic, cucumbers, onions, dill, parsley, carrots, beets, white beans and peas in my garden plot and then tomatoes in buckets under the eaves of my house. My garden was small by Ukrainian standards but the largest one I've ever worked.

My name is Kate Schimmer and I'm currently serving as a Youth Development Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine. I am also a 2009 graduate of the School of Science and Engineering, with a BSc Eng in BIomedical Engineering and a former Hullabaloo staff member.

I arrived in Ukraine in April 2010, and will complete my 27 months of service in June of 2012. After 12 weeks of language and professional training, I arrived to my permanent site in June of 2010. I live in Western Ukraine, in a rural village nestled in the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. I work at the village school-lyceum, primarily teaching English but also some journalism and technology to students in both the primary and secondary school.

So much about my undergraduate experience at Tulane influence my decision to join the Peace Corps. And so much of my undergraduate experience made me a strong candidate for Peace Corps service. The year long Senior Design service project required by the department of biomedical engineering and my four years of experience with the Hullabaloo, as well as other experiences both in classrooms and outside of them cemented my desire to serve as a PCV.

As part of my service here in Ukraine, I have applied for a Peace Corps Partnership Program Grant to purchase equipment for a Language Lab classroom at my school. The Partnership Programs requires Volunteers to raise funds from their families and communities back in the US as well as a minimum 25
percent contribution from the PCV's community. More information about my project is here:
and information about the Partnership Program can be found here:


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