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Key Shop DSC_1443

Key Shop staff, from left:  Van Hudson (Asst. Supervisor);
Steve Vicknair (Supervisor); Steve Barrosse (Locksmith Asst.);
Travis Aysen (Locksmith).  Sally Asher photo February 2009.

Facilities Services Bldg, 1st floor


Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Manager:  Steve Vicknair

emergency Emergency Service

Emergency Service is available when necessary. In accordance with university policy for "call outs," a minimum charge of 3 hours labor is billed to the department requesting service. See Emergency Maintenance.


Lock Changes / Re-Keying

For lock changes or re-keying of existing cylinders in the office areas, see Special Services. Charges will be on a time-and-material basis. Requests for duplicate keys may be made on an Interdepartmental Order (IT, see, and, along with a sample key, forwarded to the Customer Service. The charge for making duplicate keys is on a per-item basis.

Only Facilities Services personnel are authorized to change locks,

re-key cylinders, or duplicate keys for university buildings.


Requests for desk name plates, office identification signs, messages signs, or departmental signs may also be made on an Interdepartmental Order (IT see, and forwarded to Customer Service. The Key Shop can engrave letters and numbers on laminated Formica in 16 sizes from 1/4" to 2'. All signs shall follow the Americans with Disabilities Act codes as necessary.

Steve Barrosse cutting a key.

Steve Barrosse cutting a key. 

Sally Asher photo February 2009.










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