Supervisor's Toolkit Training  October 2011
Leadership training for Facilities Services and UGL (UNICCO) supervisors was held in the LBC in October 2011.  The training, developed by the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA) , focused on the nuts and bolts of facilities supervision, including communication, customer service, workplace relationships, motivation and performance, and leadership tools for success. 


McAlister Loading Dock Construction Started
Drennan Construction has begun work on the McAlister loading dock.  They will vibrate seven piles to support the dock on 7/27/2009.  Vibrating is quieter than the convection method, but we do apologize for any noise and inconvenience.  Please call Eric Stuart, 314-2268, for information. 

FS Web Site Updated
Many thanks to university web communications office for helping Facilities to update our website.  Aaron did the outstanding graphic design and helped us organize the content to focus on our customers.  Thanks also to photographer Sally Asher for professional group and candid photos which captured this varied department.  Our gratitude also goes to David Robinson and Marie Carianna of the Innovative Learning Center who designed our previous website, which was the foundation of this one.  Our appreciation to Aaron, Sally, David, and Marie  for their exceptional and professional work!

Power Plant Expansion

Our Power Plant expansion is complete.  It includes:

  • an additional chiller
  • replacement of the original warehouse
  • a safe house for essential personnel in emergencies.  Includes workstations plus kitchen, bathroom, and sleeping facilities.

    Safehouse WorkstationsSafehouse Kitchen

    The expansion contractor was Johnson Controls.

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