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Larry Smith Wins Staff Excellence Award - January 2007

Larry Smith, Facilities Director for Architecture and Engineering, received one of 10 Annual Staff Excellence Awards presented for 2006  to outstanding staff members by President Cowen.  Larry directed the Katrina recovery operation on the uptown campus, an operation Dr. Cowen said “went like clockwork.” Larry is a hero among heroes.  Click here for more about Larry's well deserved award.


Facilities Services on the Front Lines of Katrina Recovery and Renewal - 2005/2006

Facilities Services employees were essential to the university’s Katrina response and recovery.  By working many 12-hour days, weekends, and holidays, they accomplished three years’ worth of work in six months.  The Winter 2006 Tulanian tells the story of  uptown Facilities Services employees in the days after August 29, 2005.  Read our Katrina story here.

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