UGL Cleaning Schedules

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1332-34 Audubon Gibson Hall 1-2 Fl 1st Shift Newcomb Institute
1336 Audubon Anthropology Gibson Hall 1-2 Fl 2nd Shift Newcomb Nursery
1338 Audubon Gibson Hall 3-4 Fl 1st Shift Newcomb Nursery 2nd Shift
1315 Broadway Gibson Hall 3-4 Fl 2nd Shift Power Plant
Accounting Goldring I 1st Shift Richardson Bldg. 1st Shift
Alcee Fortier 1st Shift Goldring I 2nd Shift Richardson Bldg. 2nd Shift
Alcee Fortier 2nd Shift Goldring I 3rd Shift Richardson Memorial 1st Shift
Anthropology Annex Goldring II 1st Shift Richardson Memorial Day Shift
Boggs 1st Shift Goldring II 2nd Shift Richardson Mem./Dinwiddie Hall
Boggs 2nd Shift 8-Hour Goldring II 3rd Shift Social Work 1st Shift
Boggs 2nd Shift Bath Stairs Hebert 1st Shift Social Work 2nd Shift
Caroline Richardson Hebert 2nd Shift Stanley Thomas 1st Shift
Avron B. Fogelman Arena in the Devlin Fieldhouse Jazz Orchestra - 7031 Freret Stanley Thomas 2nd Shift
Avron B. Fogelman Arena in the Devlin Fieldhouse - 1st Shift Jones 1st Shift Student Health Service
Avron B. Fogelman Arena in the Devlin Fieldhouse - 2nd Shift Jones 2nd Shift Tate House
Controller's Office Materials Management (Maple St) Telephone Exchange
Cudd Hall 1st Shift McAlister Auditorium Tilton Memorial 1st Fl 1st Shift
Cudd Hall 2nd Shift Mech. Eng./Fin. Aid 1st Shift Tilton Memorial 2nd Shift
Diboll Complex Mech. Eng./Fin. Aid 2nd Shift University Square
Dinwiddie/Rich. Mem. 1st Shift Navy ROTC Upward Bound (J.L. House)
Dinwiddie 2nd Shift Newcomb Art 1st Shift Willow Street Residences
Dixon and Dixon Annex 1st Shift Newcomb Art 3-story Wilson Center
Dixon Hall 2nd Shift Newcomb Art 5-story Wilson Center 2 Fl East
Dixon Annex & Chapel 2nd Shift Newcomb Chapel Wilson Center Middle
ESB 1st Shift Newcomb Child Care Center Wilson Center West
ESB 2nd Shift Newcomb Child Care 2nd Shift
Facilities Services Newcomb Hall 1st Shift
  Newcomb Hall 2nd Shift
  Newcomb Hall 4-5 Fl 2nd Shift

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